Welcome to the Finding Home Over 50 Companion Website!

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You are about to embark on a journey in which you will identify your retirement housing needs and options, and determine how much it is all going to cost. You will also figure out how much is available after paying for housing to pursue the list of life goals you want to accomplish while you are healthy enough to do so. Your housing choices and life list goals can be aligned to give you the time and money to enjoy your life, and to maximize what you can achieve.

Many people over 50 are contending with housing and related issues involving aged parents, in-laws, or older loved ones, as well as perhaps Millennial (or younger) children who may still be living in their homes. You may be part of the so-called “sandwich generation,” dealing with issues and needs of older and younger loved ones. If so, this book also speaks to your situation.

The Finding Home – Over 50 book will help you on your journey.

In the book, you will find insights and tips. It is a guide that you can reference any time questions arise, and it incorporates new attitudes, technologies, laws, demographic trends, environmental concerns, and economic realities. Recognizing that changes in these areas are nonstop, I have created this companion website that includes updates, answers to frequently asked questions, an extensive glossary, recommended websites, calculators, downloadable forms, a blog, and more.

From the Downloads page of this site, you can download templates for the forms included in this book and customize them for your needs. You can add in your dreams, needs and wants, desired locations, income, budget, family size and everything else related to your home search. Calculators, tracking forms, budget tools, sample documents, and a host of other items are at your disposal.

With that said, let us begin. Together we are going to take the right steps to help you to successfully find the right home for you in retirement, and identify and achieve your life list goals.

Enjoy the journey, and each destination along the way!

Michael Trickey