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"Outstanding! I wish I had this book during my first home purchase or any of the three thereafter"
David T Applegate II, MD

“Simultaneously informative, engaging and entertaining. Michael Trickey speaks to the audience of young home buyers with wit and intelligence. Get this book and then get into your own home. You will be glad you did.”
Sean Low
President, The Business of Being Creative, and Recent Homebuyer

“Finding Home is the most comprehensive guide to home ownership available, covering both the practical and the psychological aspects of buying and owning your piece of the American dream. A must-read for the inexperienced and the experienced alike!”
Steven Herrmann
CFP, ChFC, Mass Mutual Financial Group

“Finding Home is a powerful tool and insightful guide that is a must-have for not only millennials, but anyone who is looking for a successful transition from renting to home ownership! Michael Trickey has laid the groundwork to home ownership in a step-by-step process that is easy to read and understand. The wisdom and guidance he provides is invaluable not only to the first-time homebuyer, but to anyone who is in the process of acquiring a new home!”
Nathan Justice
Mortgage Underwriting Operations Director, Cognitive Options Group, LLC

Why read this book?

You could spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer researching choices and options, but you may prefer to have a primary source that lays it all out for you in an organized, consolidated, and easy-to-read fashion. That is what the Finding Home Over 50 book will give you.

In a few short hours, rather than days and weeks, you can gain a good understanding of the housing issues you are most likely to encounter over the coming years, and some guidance on choices, options, pitfalls, economics, and other elements key to your decision-making. I present this information in a conversational manner to make it more meaningful and easier to understand.

The website you are on is a companion tool for the book. It contains downloadable versions of most of the questionnaires, lists, tables, forms, and other documents presented throughout this book. You will also find up-to-date articles, a page filled with links to helpful websites, an expansive detailed glossary, and other relevant and helpful content that can be used in tandem with this book.

To help you translate the concepts presented into real life, throughout this book I introduce and we follow a middle-aged couple, John and Karen, as they navigate challenges common to the “over-50” generation. I suspect you will identify with various aspects of the couple’s choices, challenges, goals and timeframes.

You can see the resources they access, how they use the tools and fill in the questionnaires, tables and forms available on, and perhaps develop ideas, choices and solutions of your own as you follow their “kitchen table” discussions between themselves and their loved ones.

The chapters in the book are organized in a logical progression, but are designed to stand on their own. They are grouped into three parts:

  • Part 1 – Assessing Your Situation, Capabilities, and Life List Goals, and Preparing For Change
  • Part 2 – Housing Choices, and Finding the Right Home for You
  • Part 3 – Reverse Mortgages, and Organizing your Estate Documents

All this information is available for:


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Get to Know the Author

I am an active participant in the residential and commercial real estate markets, both as a consultant to others and for my own use and investment. I purchased my first condo thirty-seven years ago. Since then, I have acquired single-family homes, duplexes, multi-unit flats, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings.

I earned my MBA in financial management and a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I obtained less formal but equally enlightening education completing real estate transactions, where I made mistakes as well as had many good experiences employing tools and techniques we will explore together.

I am CPA with forty years of experience in the financial services industry.  This is my second book in the Finding Home series.  The first is Finding Home: Everything You Need To Know – And Do – For Home Buying Success. You can find the companion website for the first book at