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Michael Trickey will speak about retirement planning at your event

Michael Trickey is author of two books. The first is geared toward first-time homebuyers, and the second toward retirees and soon-to-be retirees. Both books address topics of real estate and financial planning, and latter also addresses retirement planning and achieving life list goals.

The books are entitled:

1. Finding Home: Everything You Need to Know – And Do – For Home Buying Success

2. Finding Home – Over 50: Achieving Your Housing Needs and Life List Dreams in Retirement

Michael is a CPA, and an expert in residential real estate finance transactions. With 40 years of experience in the field, he can help those in your audience to handle real estate and financial planning, management, and retirement issues.

With regard to topics in his second book, Michael will come on your show or event and talk about preparing for retirement. The primary focus will be on how retirees and soon-to-be-retirees can align their housing choices and their life list dreams to achieve a more satisfying and comfortable life in their senior years.

Michael wrote Finding Home Over 50 to help his readers through the entire retirement planning process. He breaks the myriad of steps into bite-sized tasks.

Michael can speak to your audience about:
1. Assessing their retirement readiness from the standpoint of job, aging parents, children living at home, health, and other factors
2. Seriously considering what they would like to accomplish in their remaining years, and how and why to create and maintain a life list of goals
3. Assessing their expected remaining life, what it will cost to live each year in retirement, and total remaining lifetime financial needs
4. Preparing a current balance sheet to determine the financial foundation starting point
5. Analyzing future expected earnings, expenses, and cash flows from drawing down assets
6. Creating plans for decreasing expenses and increases cash inflows
7. Analyzing other strategic actions prior to retirement to improve the financial foundation:
a. Contributions to retirement plans
b. Acquiring long-term care insurance
c. Managing whole life insurance
d. Maintaining adequate property and other insurance to protect against biggest risks
e. Avoiding large one-time expenses
f. Keeping a diversified investment portfolio
g. Avoiding the need to sell assets in a down market
h. Looking for investments that pay dividends and interest
i. Potentially buying an annuity
j. Taking advantage of senior discounts
k. Getting rid of possessions in an orderly fashion
l. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan
M. Making planned charitable contributions while making income against with tax deductions can be taken
n. Considering a reverse mortgage
8. Discussing how to create a formal retirement plan
9. Discussing strategies for maximizing benefits from Social Security, Medicare, Pensions, and other retirement plans
10. Discussing strategies and techniques for decluttering and making money while doing so.
11. Discussing the meaning of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), how to assess the the capability to perform them, and how to interpret the results
12. Discussing independent living, semi-independent living, assisted living, and nursing home options, meanings, and costs
13. Discussing how to decide where to live, from state to city to neighborhood to home, in a manner that maximizes retirement goals
14. Discussing what modifications and home features facilitate being able to live independently and age in place
15. Discussing the meaning of home healthcare and home care, and how to make use of them both to independently age in place.
16. Exploring neighborhoods and homes
17. Discussing the ins and outs of reverse mortgages
11. How to organize estate documents, and what do they need to gather.
12. Getting their mortgage loan
13. Inspections and pre-closing preparations
14. Closing on their home
15. Things to do before moving
16. Moving in and securing their home

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